HR Initiatives

At Tuaman Engineering Limited (TEL), Human Resource is a prime Business Function that continually contributes to the organizational effectiveness

The HR Team regularly design and untiringly implement initiatives aimed at improving the effectiveness and agility of TEL so that it remains on the track of Sustainable Growth

In order to channelize the initiatives and thereby resonate their effect, the HR team at TEL has categorized its initiatives into 4 broad clusters

Cluster 1 – Leadership Competency Building

“Leadership is the Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality” – Warren Bennis

The biggest asset of any successful Organization is its Strong Leadership and Leaders are not born but need to be developed. TEL understands that it takes time to nurture a core opinionated Leadership Group. This is precisely the reason why it focuses on mapping the Leadership Competencies of all its Employees by using tools such as Balanced Score Card, Potential Rating and 9 Box Matrix.

Business Acumen and Ability to effect and manage change are the two parameters that define leaders at TEL and these are the competencies that the HR team untiringly cultivates within the Employees right from the beginning through its various purposeful initiatives.

Cluster 2 – Succession Planning

One of the focus areas of the HR Team at TEL is to ensure that a Succession Plan is in place for each and every critical role.

The HR team identifies Critical Positions across the Organization and maps the Skills required for that position against those available with prospective Successors. After identifying the skills it initiates a series of activities to bridge the Skill Gap. This ensures that the Leadership Pipeline across the Organization for all the Critical Positions never turns dry.

Cluster 3 – Career Stage Classification

TEL has a clear defined Career Progression Roadmap for all its Employees. The Employees have been categorized in various Career Groups and their Growth Plan is communicated to them at various life stages of their employment.

The HR Team continually carries out various Exercises to categorize its Employees into Generalists and Specialists and maps their skills on Technical and Commercial Attributes as well. This ensures development of separate Leadership Pipeline for both Technical as well as Commercial Leadership

Cluster 4 – Leadership and Development

In order to equip all its Employees to face the dynamic and changing business environment, the HR Team at TEL design various initiatives to augment their skill set on a regular basis.

Training and Learning (T&L) Calendar is prepared for each and every department by the HR Team well in advance at the beginning of the year. The Employees at TEL also undergo Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis on a frequent basis to map their skill sets against the desired levels. Post identification of gaps, Individual Development Plans (IDP) are prepared for each of the Employees. The HR Team also ensure that the IDPs are clearly communicated to the Employees and are in executed in a manner that not only yield Organizational Benefits but also promote Personnel Satisfaction.