Leadership & Development

Tuaman Engineering Limited (TEL) constantly endeavours to foster a culture that rewards Continuous Learning, Collaboration and Development across the Organisation to build a Repository of competent talent, who are well equipped to face the challenges posed by ever- changing market realities. People are fundamental to success of any Organization and the Learning & Development vision of TEL strongly reinforces this Agenda by striving to build Talent and Leadership Pipeline and enhance Organisational Capability to take up the dynamic challenges of the future.

HR Team continually design Initiatives such as SWOT Analysis, Skill Matrix and IDPs help Employees identify their areas of improvement. While Initiatives such as Potential Ratings help map Leadership Competencies amongst Employees.

On identification of Competencies and Areas of Improvement, TEL goes about preparing a detailed round the year Training and Development (T&D) Calendar for all its Employees at various Career Groups to augment their Skill Sets and develop the Leadership Pipeline. The T&D Calendar is prepared with an intention to fulfil the following Business Objectives

  • To increase the Knowledge Base of Employees in doing specific jobs.
  • To scientifically and systematically impart New Skills to Employees so that they learn quickly
  • To bring about changes in Attitude towards Subordinates, Peers and Superiors.
  • To increase Job Satisfaction and Morale among Employees
  • To augment employee Motivational Level of Employees
  • To increase Efficiency in Processes, resulting in financial gains
  • To Increase Capacity to adopt new Technologies and Methods
  • To Increase Innovation in Strategies and Products.
  • To Reduce Employee Turnover and enhance Employee Retention.

The Learning Strategy aims to deliver effective education that is engaging and easy to consume. It comprises of Core Programmes amalgamating various dimensions of Leadership, Capability Enhancement and Skill Development along with customized programmes that addresses diverse capability-building needs at various strata of the Organisation. These programmes cover Functional Competencies as well as Behavioural Prowess to ensure holistic development of our intellectual capital.

TEL designs separate initiatives for developing Technical Leadership and Commercial Leadership which it fosters through a series of activities organized with the help of External Trainers.

Furthermore, a Mentoring Scheme has been put in place at TEL wherein identified Potential Leaders are allotted Mentors within the Organization. These Mentors specifically focus on improving the Decision Making Skills and the ability to adapt to ever changing Business Scenarios within the Potential Leaders

To summarise, Focused Programmes aimed at ensuring meaningful induction of Talent into the Organisation, initiatives to address current and future capability requirements of the Organisation, platforms to understand what the future holds for us in terms of Technology and Process Advancement and Progressive inputs to enhance Managerial and Leadership capability of our resources are the cornerstone of What is laid out in the Learning & Development Agenda of TEL.