Tuaman Engineering Limited

Tuaman Engineering Limited has a strong acronym of “TUAMAN” which contain below believes:

T rustworthy                          U nique                             A ccountable

M unlti-discipline                   A gile                                  N ation-building

Glimpses of our expertise

  • Structural erection for pipe racks at the Refinery
  • Installation and Commissioning of Automation system & panels
  • Storage tanks heat exchangers columns & Vessels
  • Structural Erection work
  • Outdoor VCB, PT, CT, installation & cabling work for 132 KB Sub-Station
  • Industrial Civil work reinforcement work for the fermentation tank

Our Values

We firmly believe in trust, reliability, truth, strength, and cordial relationships with each other

Our value to adhere strong ethics & moral principles and incorruptibility secures the whole foundation of our interconnected relationships

Quality of excelling and being the best of something is our main focus

We practice to create working conditions where employees develop the skills to take initiative and exploit their full potential to create value for a company

Company provides the environment to bind yourself to a course of action and delivering what Is promised