Case one

Non Recovery Coke Oven Unit

Indigenous inventions sometimes overweigh legacy technologies in terms of plant productivity, carbon footprint & cost optimization. It reduces over-dependency on foreign technology providers and imports.  

This prestigious project is one of its kind as it includes the implementation of a non-recovery type coke oven battery, the first time with indigenous technology. Tuaman Engineering Limited (TEL) is honoured for executing this project in the Technology supply, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, and process guarantee model, designated as Single-point- Responsibility (SPR) entity.

TEL has collaborated with the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research for technology licensing. 

This unit features several ‘first time of its kind’ in multiple segments like Coke Oven Main Battery, Material Handling Section, machinery - like Stamping, Quenching, Charging facilities, and Twin stacks. These are designed to handle high-temperature flue gas and minimize combustion losses of coal during carbonization. It employs efficient control of primary air and secondary air for the combustion of volatiles to maintain the oven wall temperature. Tertiary air channels have been provided throughout the ovens, flue tunnel, and waste heat tunnel and are fed to the combustion chamber provided before the chimney, for the complete combustion of volatiles. Thus, almost all volatiles are combusted in oven walls and in the combustion chamber, therefore lowering environmental impact. This unit also features stamped coal coke charging system allowing inferior-grade coal for quality coke making. TEL’s detailed engineering is perfectly synced with the technology provider’s objectives.  

The purpose of achieving a high Net Present value (NPV) Coke Oven Unit together with promoting Indigenous technology, is being fulfilled by TEL’s seamless Engineering, Procurement & Construction, and commissioning capabilities.TEL has successfully addressed United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (Initiatives 9 and 17) by addressing SDG initiatives on Industry Innovation and Partnership in this project consortium.