Our belief is an employee is a Human being before Human Resources and Human Capital. We understand the value of human beings and the growth rate of TEL implies that we have a dedicated focus on caring for people through various HR practices for their better lives.

TEL provides the industry standard platform for ambitious people to convert their potential and talent into performance through challenging, interesting and inspiring assignments for growth and happy life. TEL has a wide variety of opportunities in multidiscipline functions across the country, come forward and grab the opportunity.

TEL is connected with the people and the journey starts with the family. We believe the excellence of the people and the excellent people need an excellent platform.

We ensure all opportunities to reinvigorate our employees through various motivational and engagement programs like get together, fun events, movie shows, birthday celebrations, wellness programs, etc.

About Us

Employees are most valuable resource

Every employee is special and Unique

Merit is the most important criteria

Promotes creativity and innovation

Performance, productivity and effectiveness

Improved quality of work life

Learning and change management

Discipline & compliance

Mr. Nirmal Agarwal – Manager, Finance & Accounts

My overall experience with the company through the last 4.5 years has been great. It’s a great work environment, where people aren’t only compensated fairly for their work but are given many opportunities to grow and learn new things in their field of work. My senior gives me and my team and a lot of freedom to do what we see fit. I never feel like we are being micromanaged what makes me the happiest at work is not only the line of work I enjoy doing but also the people I work with.

Mr. Jyoti Das- Senior Engineer, Projects

Time flies so fast… Almost 3 years going through and I believe many good years still coming for me. The work environment is great and comfortable. In the short period of time, I have been here, got good recognition and appreciation. It is Transparent and has High visibility to higher-level management. Critical deadlines and fun activities in between by the HR team, Satisfied and I’m Happy to be part of Tuaman.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta – Deputy Manager-HR & Administration

I have been associated with Tuaman Engineering Limited for the last Four & half years and it’s been an honour of my professional career to get the opportunity to serve in this esteem organisation. The organization has given me enormous opportunities to broaden my horizons. Encouragement from great mentors & leaders have been a motivation for my consistent performance.

Being an HR Personnel, it feels that the foundation of Tuaman is built on care and compassion for its people, together with a culture of candour, empowerment and compassion with challenging opportunities, rewarding relationships, a fair and open environment and an ever growing sense of belongingness.

For me, personally, it has been exciting and challenging to be a part in the growth and development of Tuaman Engineering Limited.

Mr. Arindam Bhattacharjee- Senior Executive, Procurement

I am constantly provided with opportunities to work on the latest technologies, and processes and the ability to get the skills that will help me in my career. Apart from good work, Tuaman also helps me to be future-ready. I am happy to be a part of this family that is growing at a fast pace while not compromising on quality and processes.

Mr. Suman Nandy- Senior Manager, Projects

There’s no reason for second-thoughts to say that the journey so far with Tuaman has been completely satisfying and exciting. The ethical approach to business, the values that the company adheres to, leadership of the highest standards, the growth potential for employees – there are many reasons to be proud as a Team Tuaman member. The managerial and leadership skills that I have acquired, not to mention the various other soft skills, has helped sharpen my capabilities both in professional and personal life.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ray- Manager, F&A

What I thoroughly love about Tuaman is the work culture of the organisation. Tuaman values are etched in every other person I meet in my workspace. The empowering work culture at Tuaman  respects employees’ skills and equips them with the right opportunities and freedom to express themselves. Tuaman gives you a canvas and it trusts you to make your own unique painting. It gives you the space to be yourself, contribute to the growth of the organisation and grow alongside. Powering this exceptionally people-centric culture of the organisation is the visionary leadership of Tuaman, ably supported by an exuberant HR team. As a professional, I could not have asked for more. It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to work for this organisation.

At Tuaman Engineering Limited (TEL), Human Resource is a prime Business Function that continually contributes to the organizational effectiveness.

The HR Team regularly design and untiringly implement initiatives aimed at improving the effectiveness and agility of TEL so that it remains on the track of Sustainable Growth.

In order to channelize the initiatives and thereby resonate their effect, the HR team at TEL has categorized its initiatives into 4 broad clusters

Cluster 1 - Leadership competency building

Cluster 2 - Succession planning

Cluster 3 - Career stage classification

Cluster 4 - Leadership and development