The Tuaman vision

At Tuaman, we believe in transparency and fiscal responsibility. Our strong financial foundation is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality construction services while maintaining a sustainable business model. Our financial outlook is based on strong pillars of Steady Growth, Solid Balance Sheet, Profitability, Investment in Technology, Sustainable Practices, and robust Financial Partnerships.


  • Ensure Customer Delight commitment to zero accident.
  • Firm adherence to agreed delivery schedule
  • Continuous improvements in optimisation of costs
  • Ritual compliances to international quality standards


  • To lead the industry in positive value creation for its customers and country

Financial Performance

Commitment to strong corporate governance principles and practices for transparency and accountability.

Tuman Engineering Limited  recorded exponential growth over the last few years and are poised to grow at a similar pace going forward, owing to our diversification and flexible model strategy.

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More than just ink on paper, financial reports and policies are the manifestation of Tuaman’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and the pursuit of excellence in every financial endeavor.


What is the role of Investor Relations in an EPC company?

The role of Investor Relations in an EPC company is to facilitate communication and maintain strong relationships between the company and its investors. This includes providing timely and accurate financial information, addressing investor inquiries, and ensuring transparency in reporting.

How can I invest in an EPC company?

To invest in an EPC company, you typically need to purchase its publicly traded stocks or bonds through a stock exchange. You can do this through a brokerage account. Research the company's financial performance, growth prospects, and industry trends before making investment decisions.

What key financial metrics should investors in an EPC company pay attention to?

Investors in an EPC company should focus on key financial metrics such as:      - Revenue and revenue growth      - Profit margins (e.g., gross margin, operating margin, net margin)      - Backlog (uncompleted projects)      - Debt levels and leverage ratios      - Cash flow from operations      - Return on equity (ROE) and return on invested capital (ROIC)      - Project execution and delivery timelines

How does an EPC company manage risk, and what should investors know about risk management?

EPC companies manage risk through various strategies, including careful project selection, risk assessment, contract negotiation, and insurance coverage. Investors should be aware of the company's risk management practices, potential risks in their project portfolio (e.g., construction delays, cost overruns, regulatory changes), and how the company mitigates these risks.

What is the outlook for the EPC industry, and how does it impact investors?

The outlook for the EPC industry can vary depending on economic conditions, infrastructure needs, and global energy trends. Investors should stay informed about industry trends, government policies, and the company's diversification strategies. A strong and growing industry can be favorable for investors, but they should also be aware of potential cyclical downturns.