Voice of Business

Voice of Quality

Our objective is to fulfill Customer requirements to the maximum extent possible to ensure Customer delight.

To achieve the goal of Quality, collection of Voice of Customer is essential before, during and after improvement of projects.

For getting the right type of feedback with optimization of cost, timeline and considering pros and cons, we have selected VOC tools. The VOC tools are (a) Feedback form (b) Survey via phone (c) Survey via mail (d) Focus groups in person (e) Focus group online (f) The Likert Scale.

Critical to Quality Characteristics are the factors or parameters that drives of the Quality. Identifying those teams create the most improvement possible with time, money and human resource available which leads to Customer satisfaction to stay on the top of quality. In our organization, we are capturing VOC by VOC tools.

For Voice of Business, Quality Assurance /Quality Control activities are being carried out by strictly adhering with the approved QAP, approved drawing & engaging TPIA having international repute apart from in house quality QA/QC team.

Rework, this form of waste often plagues organizations that are keen on traditional quality programme. To eliminate defects from the end product, TEL institute in–process quality checks that route work with defects back to correction to avoid delay in overall process time , use of additional labour and material to create a smaller amount of products or outputs.  Cost of Poor Quality is monitored by us at monthly Management review meeting and being reduced day by day. We are using ISHIKAYA diagram for root cause analysis and Pareto Analysis for prioritization of defects.

Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) is used to prioritize potential defects based on their severity, expected frequency and likelihood of detection. By identifying potential failure modes and their impact, the appropriate corrective action is planned and implemented.

For inspection of bought out items, we are using PO with complete, correct in specification, selecting, evaluating external providers, using latest revised drawing, measurement is being undertaken by calibrated measuring equipment.

At site level we are satisfying our Client by carrying out all inspection and test activities following approved QAP, ITP, Job procedure, Format, approved WPS, PQR, and WPQ, measurement with calibrated equipment with our highly experienced, knowledgeable, skilled staff of TEAM TUAMAN. We are using latest NDT technique e.g. PAUT, Digital radiography and Auto blasting machine to monitor quality as well as to increase the productivity. On shutdown activities, we are using CPR. Weekly meeting on Quality related issues is being conducted by HOD (QA) on VC for every sites. Internal audits on ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 are being carried out at specified interval at all sites and HO. Certification audit is being carried out by IR Class Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are using latest software for design, project execution to cope up latest technological advancement worldwide. We are taking care for property belong to Customer or external provider. Poor working conditions and unsafe actsare also the contributing factors for 'Poor Quality'.Frequent accidents in an industrial plant lead to more spending on worker compensation. We are maintaining good infrastructure and work environment at site.

SWOT analysis and Risk Management are being carried out for all processes and at all levels of the organization with specific Performance Indicator. PDCA cycle is being applied at all processes. Effective decisions are being taken based on the analysis of data and information. Training is the permanent objective of our organization. Training on International standard [ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015] and on job training like Cost of Quality [COQ], Risk Management, Value Engineering, Project Management, Welding, NDT procedures etc. are being conducted online as well as site level